For Sellers

From a Seller’s perspective, the marketing and sale of a home can be an emotional roller-coaster. There is much at stake and events sometimes seem out of control.

It is our pledge, as your Realtors, to manage all of the myriad details, be pro-active in planning and execution of actions, educate you to the process, and have timely and open communication. We will work on your behalf to bring about the successful sale of your home with few surprises. 

To that end, you may find the information offered here to be useful and insightful.  

Home Sale Transaction Process ※ To aid in your planning, we are providing a brief overview of a sample Home Sale Transaction. 

Closing Timeline ※ A typical transaction Home Sale Timeline, from Accepted Offer to Closing. 

Seller Closing Costs and Closing Checklist ※ Let’s focus on the bottom line and the documents needed for Closing.

How We Market Your Home ※ A closer look at our pre-listing preparation and robust marketing campaigns.

Lead Paint Disclosure
Sellers must provide a signed Lead Paint Disclosure (aka Property Transfer Notification) for any residential property built before 1978: to disclose any knowledge or documentation of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards on the property.  

Lead is a dangerous and toxic metal. It can cause serious neurological damage as a result of prolonged exposure. It’s especially harmful to children under the age of 6. Lead was a common ingredient in paint manufactured before 1978, and plumbing before 1986. 

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Smoke/CO Alarm Inspection Certificate
An original Smoke/CO Alarm Inspection Certificate, issued by the local community Fire Department after a scheduled site inspection, is required to be submitted at Closing. Procuring the Smoke/CO Alarm Inspection Certificate is the Sellers’ responsibility. The site inspection should be scheduled with the local Fire Department in a timely fashion. A Certificate is usually valid for 60 days and will cost $50.-$100.

For more about Smoke Alarm Requirements – click here.

The potential Buyer may opt to test your home for the presence of Radon. If unsafe levels of Radon are determined it is advisable to install a Remediation System. For a standard home, this may cost $1,200-$1,600 and is generally the responsibility of the Seller. By negotiation, a Remediation System may be installed by the Seller prior to Closing, or an equal cost credit given to the Buyers at Closing.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and radioactive gas that originates from the ground. Radon is formed through a naturally occurring process of radioactive decay. Radon gas that moves from under the ground can migrate into indoor spaces, such as basements and crawl spaces. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in people who never smoke, and the second leading cause of lung cancer overall.

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Public Health tracking – click here.

Home Inspections  
The potential Buyer will generally include a Home Inspection, by a licensed and bonded Inspector, as a Contingency clause in an Offer. During an inspection, the Inspector will review the readily accessible exposed portions of the structure of the home, including the roof, the attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, basement, and foundation as well as the heating/air conditioning systems, interior plumbing, and electrical systems for potential problems. 

The ramifications of the Inspection Report can be quite complex and heavily impact a purchase transaction. Remediation of perceived defects in the home, or a sale price adjustment, may be brought to the table by the Buyer. The Burch – Mudry Team coordinates the strategy of negotiations with our Seller-Clients and work diligently on their behalf to reach an equitable solution.
On some occasions, we may counsel our Seller-Clients to execute a pre-listing Inspection. The resultant documentation of condition and list of actions taken to ameliorate any issues may be utilized as a strong marketing tool.

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Septic Systems – “Title 5”
A Title V Inspection documents that a Septic System is in good working order. This is required by law for homes to be occupied prior to a home sale. 

Title V of the state Environmental Code is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 

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FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
If you are considering the sale of a home near any water source, be it a brook, river, or pond, seasonal flooding may be a concern to Buyers. When a property is located within a FEMA designated Flood Hazard Area, special Flood Insurance may be required by a Mortgage Lender. It is good practice to know the FEMA flood-zone boundaries. 

To consult the FEMA flood-zone map – click here.

Change of Address 
Be sure to give the Post Office notice of your address change. Once a request is submitted the Post Office will send a confirmation postcard to your current address.
Your request for a change of address may be made online.

It is imperative that final utility meter readings be ordered in time to facilitate forwarding all final bills to the Closing Attorney 10-14 days prior to Closing. This is the Sellers’ responsibility. Remember to close all utility, phone and cable accounts.