For Buyers

Whether you are a First-Time Buyer or a Veteran Home-Owner, the excitement of purchasing a new home may become overshadowed by the complex logistics of the transaction process. 

The Burch – Mudry Team pledge is: to manage all of the myriad details, advocate for your goals, be pro-active in planning and execution, educate you to the process, and have timely and forthright communication. We will work on your behalf, throughout the entire process, to shepherd a successful purchase with as little stress as possible.  

To that goal, you may find the information offered here to be useful and insightful.  

Purchase Transaction Process ※ To aid in your planning, here is a brief overview of a sample Purchase Transaction Process. 

Closing Timeline ※ A typical transaction Timeline, from Accepted Offer to Closing. 

Buyers’ Closing Costs ※ An estimate of some of the Closing expenses a Buyer may encounter.

Dos and Don’ts of the Loan Process ※ Nine points to keep in mind.

Title Insurance ※ The vast majority of home-buyers order title insurance to protect their investment. What is title insurance? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to the loan process. Click here.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
If you are considering the purchase of a home near any water source, be it a brook, river, or pond, seasonal flooding may be a concern to consider. When a property is located within a FEMA designated Flood Hazard Area, special Flood Insurance may be required by a Mortgage Lender.

To consult the FEMA flood-zone map – click here.